And so it begins….


Our adventures in homeschooling are just beginning, and we’re creating this blog to share our experiences with friends and family.  Grace is so excited about homeschool that she can’t wait to get started!  We’ve decided to go ahead and give it a go, but on a part-time basis until the first of August (due to scheduling oddities).   If all goes as planned (which it so often does, right?), you’ll be able to read about what Grace is learning (as summarized by Grace), keep an eye on our year-long weather project, get info about resources we come across, see pictures of projects and trips, and share in our day-to-day homeschool hijinks.


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  1. Grace, You are very lucky to have Emily for a teacher. I used to work with her at Lincolnton Middle School. She is a wonderful teacher and all of her students loved her and learned a lot. I will be excited to hear what you are learning about. Learning is so much fun and something that I still enjoy doing every day of my life and I’m 58 years old! Never stop learning. It makes you smarter, more interesting and you will feel powerful to have knowledge!

    Your friend,

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