Skills and Topics – July 19 through July 22


And our skills and topics for next week are…..

  • Math – We’ll be continuing work with comparing fractions and decimals, reviewing multiplication with regrouping, and reviewing operations with fractions with finding common denominators.
  • Social Studies – We will continue to learn about life in colonial times.  We will also be visiting the site of a Revolutionary War battle.
  • Science – Continued work with tracking weather locally and throughout North America.  We will be looking at how geography affects the weather in an area.  We’ll also be taking a field trip to a local science center to dig into some fun physics. 🙂
  • Language Arts – We will keep up with our blogging (great for summarizing, proofreading, and word processing).  We will also begin discussing genres.
  • Arabic – Keep practicing question words (using the nifty flash cards I created that, apparently, smell like beef jerky).  We will begin studying vocabulary for household objects.

That should be enough to keep us busy. 🙂



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