Science Journal – Layers of the Atmosphere


I am in the Exosphere approaching the Thermosphere.  The pressure  increases as I type.  It is currently 1700 degrees Celsius, and I’m 600 km above Earth.  I am now in the Mesosphere.  I must have gone though the Thermosphere.  It is now  negative 90 degrees Celsius, and I’m 85 km above earth.  I’m now in the stratosphere and dropping. It is 50 km high, and 0 degrees.  I’m in the troposphere!! It is about 8-15 km and it is -55 degrees.  Finally!!!!!  I can find that earthling recipe for cake my sister, Ms. Splosion Man, wants!!!


Edit: Grace has started a science journal.  This is her first entry in said journal…an explanation of the layers of the atmosphere written as though she were a visiting alien.


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