Today’s Stuff – July 20, 2011


Since Grace did such a fabulous job with her first science journal entry, I’ve decided to cut her some slack on the “Today’s Stuff” post, so I’m typing it up for her.  These are the things she found most interesting or challenging today…. In Social Studies, she found it interesting that the Vikings were very good sailors and great at making boats.  (We’re studying European colonization of America from the very beginning.)  She also thought some of the “medicines” used in colonial times were interesting.  For example, did you know that putting your fingernail clippings in a bag and then strangling an eel with the bag will cure a fever?  Go ahead and try it….we’ll wait to hear about your success. 😉  In Math, Grace said that adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators was the most difficult.  She has a hard time figuring out which ones need to be reduced.  In Science, she really enjoyed typing the blog from the alien’s perspective.  She said it was interesting even though it was quite challenging.  She also enjoyed reading the short story, “The Wailing Well,” for Language Arts.  I think that about sums up our day. 🙂


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