Field Trip – Amusement Park Science


We went to the Science Center today to check out Amusement Park Science…super cool!  K’nex and magnets and roller coasters, oh my!  Of course, we also checked out the aquarium because that is Grace’s all time favorite.  I was quite amused when a sting ray flooped half out of the water, flapped about happily, and splashed Grace mightily. 😉  Check out the pictures below to see a K’nex boat we built (stunned by our engineering prowess, no?), the sting ray that drenched Grace, and a cool little fish saying hello from inside a shell.

We had such a long and interesting day….in light of that, I’m letting Grace complete her blog entry for the day tomorrow morning. 😉


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  1. I am glad y’all had loads of fun at the Amusement park and the aquarium. That is a good educational science trip but please remember that a Sting Ray has enough poison in the tip of his tail to kill a person. Please be aware and be very careful of those fish. I love both of you! Y’all are doing great and I am enjoying it!!

    • LOL, Judy! The sting rays in touch tanks have been debarbed. They’re not letting them attack children. 😉 Check the blog out in the next couple of days to read about our field trip today. 😀

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