Long (But Fun) Day


Today we went on a field trip, and had school in the car, and let me tell you, it was hard.  I almost fell asleep more than once.  It was kind of hard to read, and we had a LOT of reading to do.  It was still fun. 

I really enjoyed the science center!  We got to see a lot of cool stuff like sting rays that like to splash you, using strobe lights to “stop time,” and a roller coaster that you could rearrange to see the different ways a ball would go through it. 

It was cool to learn about Prince Henry the Navigator.  I really liked that he knew how to teach people how to look at maps, but he never really set out to sea.

Did you know that in colonial times it was illegal to go swimming?  They thought that swimming was a waste of time.  I could not survive without swimming.

Arabic and math were just review, so we didn’t learn anything new there. 

I learned about convection currents today, and it was kind of cool.  I learned that since cold air’s particles are closer together, it is heavier than warm air, so when cold air sinks, the warm air has nowhere to go but up.  When that happens, it forms a circular path which is a convection current. 

All in all, it was the long, fun day.


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