Skills and Topics – July 25 through July 28


What will be keeping us busy next week?

  • Math:  Continued practice with adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and back, and multiplication, multiplication, multiplication.  We will also be reviewing identifying and ordering rational numbers.
  • Social Studies:  Review of early European exploration….then moving on to Europeans reaching and settling in the Americas.
  • Science:  We have a field trip planned for a fabulous museum in the area with another homeschool family.  We will also be looking at oceans and fresh water, the water cycle, and clouds.  Sounds like a lot, but Science is Grace’s favorite subject, so we spend a lot of time learning about new things.
  • Language Arts:  Grace has demonstrated that she is already reading well above grade level, so we will look at some “6th grade level” reading samples in order to continue improving reading comprehension skills.  Of course, continued blogging provides practice in summarizing and editing.  We will be finishing A Wrinkle in Time and completing activities and discussions based on the novel.  We will also begin note-taking strategies through Social Studies.
  • Arabic:  We will continue to practice the alphabet and question words…we’re having a hard time getting these down pat.  We will also begin looking at vocabulary for common places around town.
  • Grace has shown an interest in Greek Mythology and Astronomy, so I’ll be dreaming up ways to incorporate these two subjects into our plans. 🙂 



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