Who would have thought???


A year or two ago, I decided (quite on a whim) to paint the dining room table with chalkboard paint.  I thought it would be fun to draw and write during dinner.  It turned out to be a great place for jotting phone numbers, keeping score in games, and writing notes to each other.  Now I’ve discovered that it’s also great for school!  Grace and I wanted to make a large diagram of the water cycle, so we used different colored chalk and note cards to make it happen.  Grace wrote the definitions of water cycle words on the backs of the note cards and we took a picture of the whole shebang.  Now we have a picture we can refer back to and a lovely set of flash cards for studying the water cycle. 🙂 


The artwork is stunning, no? 😉

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  1. I love the art work. I think it is very pretty!;-) Also the water cycle is very interesting. I can tell both of you are enjoying studing all the different subjects!

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