Skills and Topics: August 8 – 12


This week was a little nuts-o with unexpected things popping up all about the place, but we still managed to get our learn on. 😉  Next week, I hope, should see us back to a somewhat normal schedule.  And this is what we’ll be doing…

  • Math:  We’ll still be focusing in on those multiplication tables, but we’ll also be converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and multiplying fractions.
  • Social Studies:  We will be moving slightly ahead from European explorers next week.  We’ll be taking another (and closer) look at the English Colonies.
  • Language Arts:  The blog continues, of course.  We’ll also be reading the novel, The Lightning Thief and making connections to events and people in real life.
  • Science:  We have a field trip coming up to a Nature Center.  We will digress for the day and look at the food web, producers, consumers, and the like.  The rest of the week will be a focus on air masses, severe weather, and weather forecasting.  We will continue tracking weather in several North American cities and drawing conclusions about the impact of geography on weather.
  • Arabic:  Practice, practice, practice.  I’m beginning to think we may spend the entire year learning the alphabet. 😉  We’ll get there!



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