Fun with Salinity


Grace didn’t get a chance to blog about yesterday’s science experiment fun, so I thought I’d add a blurb to the blog.  As we’ve been studying the oceans and all things water, we took a look at salinity in our experiments.  We thoroughly enjoyed our first experiment which is very easy to do.  Get two glasses of water.  Add more salt than you can shake a stick at to one of the glasses and no salt to the other.  Take two crayons (of roughly the same size) and drop one in each glass.  Observe. 🙂  Grace had more questions about salt water at that point, so we also heated water to see if it would absorb more salt…now we’re waiting for the water to evaporate to see if we get our original 1/4 cup of salt back out.  We also put three cups with different salt solutions in the freezer to see what would happen.  And, of course, we have some salt crystals forming on various objects.  Our kitchen is covered up with salt experiments. 😀 


Ohhhhh, magical floating crayon!

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