Skills and Topics – August 22 through 26


So many things in the plans!  Since next week marks the start of  public school in our area, Grace and I will be ramping up to full-time homeschooling.  😀  Here’s what’s on the agenda for next week:

  • Math:  We will be finishing up our work with fractions.  (Well, except for review that will continue throughout the year, of course.)  We will be moving on to decimals.  We will also be working on general number sense and math history.  I’m really looking forward to reading Cool Math next week.
  • Language Arts:  We will continue working with personal narratives and mythology.  We’ll also start looking at biographies (cross-curriculum with Social Studies).  We started a new novel, Scat, this week, and we’ll be continuing with that throughout the next couple weeks.  In addition, we’ll continue working with spelling and grammar.
  • Social Studies:  We have opted for a new and exciting method for Social Studies.  We have kicked our textbook to the curb due to criminal boring-ness.  Instead, we’ll be using Don’t Know Much About American History, The Smart Aleck’s Guide to American History, and supplemental books from the library.  As mentioned earlier, we’ll be reading biographies this week.  Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, William Penn, and Paul Revere are in the line up.  We’ll also be taking a field trip to a significant Revolutionary War site.
  • Science:  We have completed our unit on weather, though we’ll be paying attention to the weather all year.  It’s time to move on to Earth Science.  Next week we’ll be looking at the make-up of the Earth, earthquakes, and volcanoes.  We have more books, documentaries, and activities than you can shake a stick at.
  • Supplemental (Subjects that Grace has chosen):  We will continue working with Arabic and Mythology.  At Grace’s request, we will also begin exploring astronomy.  I love that we can just dive into the subjects she’s interested in! 😀

I hope it’s a great week for everyone!



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