Today we were in an earthquake.  Don’t worry,  it was very small.  The epicenter of the earthquake was in Virginia, we could hardly feel it.  The quake in Virginia was a 5.9 earthquake, tied with the biggest quake in Virginia history!!  I only got a little of the real power.  Do you know what’s funny?  When we were studying  hurricanes a hurricane started to come this way.  Now we were studying earthquakes, and an earthquake happened!  It’s so weird!  I’m never learning science again!!  Who knows, we may make a volcano erupt!  Yikes!


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  1. Grace, are you tracking Hurricane Irene on a hurricane tracking map? Baeden and Lachlan started plotting the path this morning. They are so excited to see where it goes. Maybe that’s not the best emotion for them to have about a hurricane 🙂

    If you don’t have a tracking map, you can get one at

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