Is This Your Card?


Today in math we played cards..math cards!  No, it wasn’t flash cards, we played cards with math.  So you have nine cards (9 is best for beginners like me!:-)) and say “pick a card, any card,” and thrust the cards at your friend.  They should pick a card, memorize it, and put it back in the deck.  This is when you shuffle the cards.  You lay the cards out in three rows from left to right.  Ask your friend to point to the row that has their card.  After they point, memorize the number the row is, for example, if you had nine cards, the rows would be one, two, or three.  Next, pick up the cards IN THE ORDER YOU SET THEM IN.  If you don’t, the trick will not work.  Lay the cards in three columns from top to bottom.  Now ask them to point again.  Now you know where the card is!  Remember the row the card was in the first time?  Lets say that it was row 2 first, and 3 now.  The column is two, and the row is three.  Point at the card and say, “Is this your card?” If you did the trick correctly, it is.


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