Skills and Topics – August 31 through September 2


Due to some scheduling oddities, we decided this would be a great week to take a short break.  In light of that, we are only having school Wednesday through Friday this week. 🙂  And what will we be learning?

  • Language Arts:  We will continue reading the novel, Scat and discussing characteristics of fiction.  We will also continue working on writing personal narratives, spelling, and using apostrophes correctly.  In addition, to encourage Grace’s love for greek mythology, we will begin reading an adapted version of The Odyssey.
  • Math:  We will continue learning about decimals.  This week we will focus on writing fractions as decimals, finding patterns, and solving application problems.  We will also continue studying multiplication facts.  On the fun side, we’ll keep on reading Cool Math.
  • Social Studies:  The American Revolution continues to be the topic at hand.  We will be reading If You Lived in the Time of the American Revolution and a short book about the Declaration of Independence.
  • Science:  We will be taking a look at the effects of weathering and erosion of all kinds.  We will also be taking a short hike to look for and document signs of weathering and erosion.  There may be time in there for a documentary on the planets since that’s one of Grace’s favorites. 😉

Other than our hike, we don’t have any field trips on the agenda for this week.  I think we’ll still have plenty to do. 😉


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