Skills and Topics – September 6 through 9


Due to Labor Day, it’s another short week coming up.  Hopefully we’ll get back on track after next week. 😉  So, here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Math:  Grace will be learning to add and subtract with decimals.  We’ll also be looking at estimation and problem solving with decimals.  We’ll be finishing up Cool Math, a book we have both really enjoyed.  Of course, multiplication practice continues.
  • Language Arts:  We will continue looking at personal narratives.  This week we’ll focus on analyzing personal narrative samples.  We’ll also continue working with spelling, identifying facts in reading passages, and using parts of speech (pronouns and subject pronouns…woohoo!).  We’ll finish up reading Scat and The Odyssey (an adapted version).
  • Social Studies:  We’ll be reading more about The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.  We’ll also read a book that promises to be very interesting: Patriots in Petticoats.
  • Science:  We will be reviewing erosion and weathering…as well as conducting some experiments. 🙂  We will move on to identifying properties of rocks and minerals.  We had a hike planned for this week that had to be postponed, so we’ll also be including that…we’ll be looking for signs of weathering and erosion and any nifty rocks we’d like to have a closer look at.
  • Art:  Grace will be attending her first art class this week.  What’s the topic?  I have no idea!  That will be a surprise for all of us. 😉

Have a fabulous week!


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