Today we played with chemicals – it wasn’t dangerous.  We put some chalk in some vinegar and watched it bubble.  The bubbles were made of carbon dioxide.  We did a lot more than that with chemicals, and I will talk about it all.  We put chalk, sugar, salt, and baking powder all in cups of vinegar.  The chalk grew cracks and started to bubble.  The salt didn’t do anything until I mixed it a little bit.  Then it disolved.   The sugar did too.  The baking powder was really interesting.  It bubbled and brewed like a potion!   It was very cool.  I love mixing stuff!<3


Vinegar and chalk releasing carbon dioxide. We're going to see how long it takes for the chalk to show signs of chemical erosion.


Left to right: Vinegar with baking soda, vinegar with sugar, vinegar with salt.

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