Binary Trick


This week we did binary numbers.  I learned a card trick that teaches you to “read minds”.  I like the numbers, so I will use them.

  1. Get five (5) index cards.
  2. On the first card, write 1 in the left corner.You must write small on every card to fit the other numbers in (look at picture below).
  3. On the second, write 2 in the left corner.
  4. On the third, write 4 in the left corner.
  5. On the last card, write 16 in the left corner.
  6. Get five markers (beans, pens, something like that) and a friend.
  7. Tell your friend to pick a number on one of the cards, but to not tell you what it is.
  8. Tell your friend to put a marker on the cards that have their number on them.
  9. Add up the numbers on the left corner of the cards that are marked and announce the number. if you did the trick right, it will be correct.

The trick is binary numbers.  The numbers in the left corner are all place values in binary.  For card number one, there is a one in the ones place in binary.  Same with two.  There is a one in the twos column on a binary number.  It’s simple! I love numbers<3


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