Skills and Topics – September 12 through September 16


Wow, we have a crazy week coming up!  We are participating in science classes at two local science museums, and, of course, these monthly classes are in the same week.  We also have an all-day field trip planned to experience the life and science of colonial times…very excited for that one!  And, of course, we’ll be learning about lots of other exciting things at home:

  • Math:  We’ll be continuing in our pursuit of learning about decimals.  This week we’ll be focusing on multiplying and dividing with decimals.  Not usually part of the 5th grade curriculum, but it seems rather silly not to go ahead and teach these concepts while we’re already working with our friend, the decimal. 😉  We’ll also be focusing on application problems and continuing our explorations in Cool Math.
  • Science:  We’ll be completing an experiment dealing with structures in earthquakes and learning more about rocks and the rock cycle.  (Grace will also be learning about the human body and the scientific method in her science museum classes.)
  • Language Arts:  We will begin reading Fever 1793, a novel about the yellow fever outbreak in Philadelphia in 1793.  We will continue focusing on personal narratives with several writing opportunities. 
  • Social Studies:  We will be taking a close look at The Constitution and what it means for us.  We will also be reading An American Plague, a nonfiction book that goes along nicely with Fever 1793.
  • Grace’s Interests:  Grace is interested in so many different topics!  I try to keep a steady flow of resources available for the topics she is interested in.  This week we will continue reading The Odyssey to entertain her interest in mythology.  (We have tons of books coming up in this area!)  We will take a look at a documentary about our solar system and catch a planetarium show about black holes to address her love of astronomy.  And Grace’s newest fascination?  Cryptography!  I’ll be creating some codes and cryptographs for her to give a try.

I think that’s quite enough for one week. 😉  We wish everyone a fabulous week!


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