The Missing Shoe (a personal narrative piece by Grace)


Have you ever done something fun with your friend, but it wasn’t a ride or game, it was something that wasn’t meant to happen?  I remember a time when Kayla, my best friend, and I went to Carowinds.  But the best part wasn’t a ride, or the food; it was a mishap.

Kayla and I were walking around Carowinds when we saw the boat ride.  It goes upside down a lot, so we had to ride it.  We ran over to the line and waited.  Have you ever talked to someone, and they just can’t stop talking? Well, then, you know Kayla.  That’s one reason that Kayla’s my best friend.  While she was talking, she said that if my shoe fell off, I had to yell, “Here little shoe, come here!’’ I said, “No way”.

Finally, we got on the ride.  We got to sit in the very back, the place that goes the highest.  Halfway up, Kayla’s shoe started to slip.  “No!” Kayla cried, but shoes don’t listen, and it fell.  Down, down, down it fell.  We laughed the rest of the ride.  The people in front of us thought we were crazy.  We were walking around, looking for Kayla’s shoe, when she yelled, “Here little shoe, come here!”  I just laughed.  Yep, that’s my best friend.  And I love her.

After a lot of walking around (Kayla was hopping), we stopped for Dip’n Dots.  The lady asked if the shoe that hit her in the head was Kayla’s. She said that she was very sorry that her shoe hit the lady in the head, and we walked away giggling.


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