Skills and Topics – September 19 through September 23


After our crazy-busy (and fabulous) week last week, the week ahead looks pretty uneventful.  No big field trips planned…maybe a hike or two and some school outside in the gorgeous weather coming up.  Here’s what we’ll be studying:

  • Language Arts:  Now that we have completed our unit on writing personal narratives, we will move on to instructional writing.  We will also be looking at sequence in stories, audience and purpose in writing, and various parts of speech.  We will be finishing up the novel, Fever 1793.
  • Math:  We will be reviewing all of the skills learned so far in working with decimals (with some fractions thrown in to keep Grace on her toes).  We will then be moving on to measurement….length, weight, volume….that sort of thing.
  • Science:  We are moving on to a different topic in science this week.  We will be looking at Earth’s resources (nonrenewable and renewable). 
  • Social Studies:  We will start off the week with a continued look at The Constitution.  Toward the end of the week we will be moving on to westward expansion.  We will also be reading An American Plague as a nonfiction companion to Fever 1793.
  • Astronomy:  Grace is still fascinated by this subject, so we will be reading Boy, Were We Wrong and The Milky Way.  If we get an evening that isn’t cloudy, we will be breaking out the telescope for a better look at the stars.
  • Mythology:  Grace can’t get enough of mythology!  We will finish reading The Odyssey and begin reading Beasts and Monsters (this book looks at mythological beasts from several cultures).
  • Cryptography:  This is a new interest of Grace’s.  She became intrigued when we read a chapter about codes and ciphers in Cool Math.  This week we will be reading Codes and Codebreaking and working with some simple ciphers.
  • Arabic:  We actually won’t be working with Arabic until after the upcoming week, but we haven’t forgotten it.  I’m working on getting some better resources than what we have available at this time.

As usual, we certainly have plenty to keep us busy.  🙂  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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