A Sponge in Oil

Today we did a science experiment with oil, water, and a sponge.  We filled one cup with warm (hot) water and one with oil.  We put a sponge in the oil and squeezed it three times.  Next, we took the sponge out and squeezed it (not too hard though).  We put the sponge in the water and waited for five minutes.  We looked at the cup to see that the oil from the sponge had come out into the water, and because water and oil don’t mix, the oil floats to the top.  This is what oil from underground is like.  The oil is in pockets of earth and has to be drilled out, like the oil in the sponge (in this case, squeezed out).  Isn’t science interesting?

I like how our dining room table is getting that "mad scientist" feel to it. 🙂 -Emily


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