The Incredible Spotted Egg


Today I read a myth called “The Incredible Spotted Egg.”  It is about two Native Americans that were called Younger and Elder.  One day Younger and Elder were lost in the prairie.  They had a little bit of water, but it was only enough to last them a few miles, and they were getting hungry.  They walked for what seemed like all day, and finally stopped to look at a spotted egg.  Younger was very excited to have some food and picked it up. Elder, who was also a bit smarter, warned him to put the egg down because they didn’t know what it was.  Younger didn’t listen.  He knew one thing about the egg: it was green with red spots.  He got a fire going and started to cook the egg.  He cracked the egg open and started to spoon the egg out.  He tried to give some to Elder, but Elder refused.  Younger said that Elder “didn’t know what he was missing.”  Really, the egg wasn’t very good.  The yolk was rubbery, and the white wasn’t even white.  It was pink, like salmon.  The yolk was also a strange color: it was green.  Still, Younger spooned and spooned, not wanting to stop.  After a while, Younger started to turn green with red spots.  “I don’t feel ssssso good.”  Younger said.  “And I want ssssome sssssweet, sssssweet water.”  “I told you not to eat that egg.”  Elder said.  Soon they came up on a river.  “Water!” cried Younger, who jumped in, and said that he wanted to sleep in the river.  Elder lay down on the ground and went to sleep.  Elder, who hadn’t eaten anything since they left the tribe, was very hungry when he woke up.  But, he was glad to see a pile of fish on the ground before him.  He raised his head to meet the eyes of a sea serpent.  “Thank you, Younger!  I was very hungry. How are you?” he asked the monster.  “Good,” the serpent said, “It issssn’t sssso bad being a ssssea sssserpent.  I do want ssssomething in return for  that fisssh, though.  I want food.  Oh!  And tobacco.  I still want to sssssmoke!”   Have you ever seen Native Americans throwing food or tobacco in the water?  That’s why.  They want to feed the serpent.  Funny how a sea serpent lives in a river, huh?  I read this story in a book called Beasts and Monsters written by Anthony Horowitz.  Happy reading! ❤


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