Skills and Topics – September 26 through September 30


Wow!  We have another full week ahead….so much to learn! 🙂

  • Language Arts:  We will continue reading and discussing The Hunger Games (Grace is really enjoying this one!).  We will also continue practicing with “how to” writing and the importance of sequencing in reading and writing.
  • Math:  We have changed course a bit.  Grace was having trouble with multiplication and division skills, so we are inserting some practice in those areas before moving on to measurement. 
  • Social Studies:  We will be looking at westward expansion in American History.  I’m excited that we’ll be starting our work with History Pockets in this area.  I hope Grace enjoys working with these!  I look forward to sharing pictures of her work. 🙂
  • Science:  This is going to be a real doozy for the next few weeks.  In addition to continuing to learn about energy resources, we are also embarking on a rather extensive project for a local science fair.  I won’t spoil the surprise of what the experiment will be, but we will be working on really understanding the steps of the scientific method and beginning work on the research that needs to be completed before the experiment begins.  We will also be attempting to make recycled paper as part of our resource conservation chapter.
  • Mythology:  We will finish reading Beasts and Monsters and begin reading The Greek Gods.
  • Astronomy:  We will be reading a book titled Space which addresses several different areas of astronomy.  We will also be watching a documentary or two about the planets.

We’re hoping to be able to school outside at least a couple of days this week since the weather is so beautiful!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t have as much rain as we did last week.  Have a fabulous week, everyone!


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