School Outside


Today I had school outside.  We walked up a trail at a park ‘till we saw a table we liked so we could have our school there.   It was a cool day out, and we finished sooner than normal.  We talked about astronomy and “moving west” and all the normal stuff.  We saw a deer though.  It was just sitting there, on the edge of the lake, not doing anything.  We also saw some ducks.  One was laughing at us.  It went “wah wah wah wah!” and was really loud.  I never really liked ducks anyway, so no hard feelings.  It was really fun, going to the park to have school.  It was a nice place.  I had fun even though I was just sitting at a bench doing what I always do.  It’s like going on vacation with your always-working Aunt Rudy – you get to have some fun, but you still have to get some work done. 

Sorry the blog is so short.  I couldn’t think of much to type.  I will  be doing a science project soon, so I’ll have something to blog about in the future.  All I will say about it is that it involves a mouse.  And as I will say at the end of every one of my blogs, happy reading!  ❤ 


Notes from the grown up:  No harm will come to the mouse…I promise!

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