Science Fair


I am going to enter a science fair, so today Emily and I went to the library to find some info on how mice behave.  I am going to be doing a project on how, or if, mice are distracted from a known target.  Today was one of the many research days that we will have to find information on mice behavior.   I (Emily and I really) will make a rig for it to walk on.  We’ll train it to go for the target at the end of the rig, and we will add on distracters.  We will see if the mouse will stop to look at the distracter, or if he will keep going. 

Today we went to the library to see if we could find some information.  We did find some books on mice, and only one was for people who were three!  So that’s a plus.  Can anyone tell me why a book called The Joy of Cheese Making was in the section on mice?  It was even meant to go in that section, same number!  Is it because mice like cheese or something?  I don’t know.  Isn’t science interesting?

 Happy reading!  (If you don’t know why I said “happy reading”, read my last blog.)


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