Hunger Games Book Review


Today I finished The Hunger Games.  It is a great book about…well…if you read my last blog about The Hunger Game, you know.  So, on my last blog about the book, we left off on Katniss leaving district twelve.  I don’t want to spoil the book anymore than I did with the first two chapters, so I will just say a little. 

Katniss made a huge impression on the crowd; she is the girl on fire!  But when she gets in the arena, things change.  The boy from District Twelve, Peeta, said he loved her, but Katniss has different feelings, feelings like, just friends.  Could that feeling change in time?  Could Katniss really make a little friend (Rue) in the arena?  Could she really win?  Read The Hunger Games to find out!

My favorite character was Rue, a friend of Katniss.  She was smart, and fast, and she knew how to survive in the woods.  She was twelve years old, and lived in District Eleven.  She had brown hair, brown skin, and brown eyes.  I think that she was the most awesome character in the book.

I do think that all of my friends would like this book.  It is exciting and adventurous!  It’s also a slow read (it takes time to read through it) – all of my friends love slow reads.  Happy reading!  ❤


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