My Mice


Sorry for the low picture quality....they're in motion and behind glass. 😉

I got mice!  No, not like that, pet mice!  Since I finished The Hunger Games, I named them after the characters in the book.  I have a white one and a brown one.  The white one is Katniss and the brown one is Rue, and they’re both girls.  Emily, Daddy, and I got them a cage, but they could poke their heads out of the bars, and we have a dog, so instead of the mice finding food around the house, they would be the food.  So, we got them an aquarium instead.  We got them an exercise wheel, two little mouse huts, a water bottle, a food bowl, a little hollow ball that is filled with bedding, and some treats.  I think that they like the new aquarium we got them more than the cramped little display cage they had at the pet store.

Katniss is a little bit smarter than Rue, but Rue is very strong.  She loves the exercise wheel, and will play on it all day, and nearly never has to stop to eat or drink.  She likes to hide in the little ball when she feels a little shy, or if she just wants some private time.  Her favorite food is mouse kibble. 

Katniss is very clever and loves to take over huts.  One time she chased Rue out of a hut, and now, unless she is in her ball, Rue will not let Katniss on the wheel!  Katniss is sneaky, and will run slowly on the wheel until Rue falls asleep, and will run all night long!  She loves to sniff around and her favorite food is seeds. I love my mice!  ❤



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  1. Grace, I read all of your post and am very fascinated by them. You write with so much enthusiasm and I love it! I have never been capable of doing that. Your daddy was very good at writing stories! I am so glad you, Emily and John are all participating in the homeschooling. I can tell all of you are enjoying it. I love you very much, Grace and I am keeping up with all y’all are doing. Keep up the good work and I look forward to each new post. Katniss and Rue are precious! I know you will take very good care of them. Dotsie Lee says “Hi.”

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