Skills and Topics – October 3 through October 7


As usual, we have so much stuff planned for the upcoming week that it kind of makes my head spin. 😉  Here’s what we’ll be up to:

  • Language Arts:  Grace finished reading The Hunger Games way faster than anticipated, so we’ll be moving on to The Witch of Blackbird Pond (a great historical fiction novel with a focus on tolerance).  We’ll also continue working with sequencing in reading and writing.  We’ll have a focus on how-to writing with assignments about setting up a mouse habitat (one of Grace’s favorite topics right now) and letting a babysitter know how things should be done.  There will also be some spelling and parts of speech practice sprinkled in throughout the week.
  • Math:  That multiplication monster continues to give us a hard time, so we’ll keep up our work on slaying that beast.  (As well as some review of previous topics.)
  • Social Studies:  We will keep up our study of “moving west” through history pockets and reading Don’t Know Much About American History.  We’ll be using lots of hands-on activities for this unit.
  • Science:  We will be finishing up our chapter on resources.  The majority of science time will be spent learning the steps of the scientific method, conducting research, and writing an experiment proposal for the science fair.
  • Astronomy:  We will finish reading and discussing Space.
  • Mythology:  We will begin reading The Greek Gods which gives a great, in-depth look at all of the greek gods and several myths that we haven’t read yet.

That should keep us good and busy.  I’m hoping to get quite a lot done this week….next week is going to be a crazy week with field trips and classes!

Have a wonderful week!


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