My Mice at the Vet


Today I went to the vet to see if our mice were hurt or sick.  We put the mice in the carrier cage and set their little bed in there.  Katniss was calm, though she didn’t like it when the vet picked her up by the tail.  She squirmed a little.  Rue, on the other hand, was being difficult enough, but she REALLY didn’t like it when the vet touched her, so she BIT HER.  The vet did what a normal person would do, and she let go of Rue.  But Rue is fast, so she jumped off the table and scurried for her little life.  We FLIPPED OUT.  The vet got on the floor and tried to get Rue, and Emily blocked the crack under the door so that Rue could not get out of the room.  Rue tried to climb up the wall and escape, but the vet got her.  We did find out the mice have tapeworms. Not a good sign.  The vet gave us some medicine to put on their backs.  She said that mice hate to have anything sticky on their backs, so they will lick it off.  That is the easiest way to get them to eat the medicine.  Other than that, the mice are fine.  We got the vet to sign some papers for the science fair, which is good.  I hope my mice get better!  ❤

– Grace

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