The Week (Okay, A Couple of Weeks) In Pictures


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So, what are we looking at?  In no particular order, we have Frank (the dog) being an active participant in Grace’s education, a bird’s nest we discovered while hiking, a wind turbine dance from National Science Day, the soldering of a nightlight (yep, Grace got to play with heat and metal!), our outdoor classroom, Grace holding the mice while waiting for the vet, and the newest mouse house.  I think that’s everything. 🙂  I’ll be posting next week’s skills and topics tomorrow….we also have an awesome field trip planned for tomorrow, so we’ll be sharing more pictures. 😀 


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  1. Love it…..Looks like you are having the time of your life and free to do it your way. And it looks like you really enjoy what you are doing. Many strive for that! : )

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