Dissecting a Squid


Yesterday I went to Catawba Science Center to go to science class.  I was going to get to dissect a squid!  I sat down next to some of my friends to wait.  The teacher talked a little, and then we got started!  I took control of the tweezers, my friend got the scissors, and the squeamish girls across the table just watched and took pictures.  First we found the mouth, eyes, and beak.  Then, we pulled out the lenses of the eyes.  We were the grossest table in the room.  This boy was watching us, and when a mix of water and ink squirted out of our squid’s eye, he just stared at the squid with this horrified face.  I thought it was really cool, and so did the girl beside me though the girls across the table from us looked just as bad as the boy did.  After that we were told to pull out the beak and the esophagus.   I pulled out the beak, and the girl across from me said she would not touch the squid no matter what.  The teacher thought all of the kids should do something with the squid, so she made the girl pull out the esophagus.  She was even more horrified than when she watched liquid squirt from the squid’s eye!  After that we cut open the squid and found its three hearts, punctured its ink sac.  When we finished dissecting the squid, we ate calamari! I love science class-and dissecting things! ❤


Not from the same squid she dissected. 😉


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  1. Grace Watts, I am about to throw up! I know your dad is green with envy because he would have loved doing something like that when he was growing up. Actually I don’t know what they did in biology or science but I don’t believe they ever dissected a squid! We did dissect a frog but he was so stiff and flat, there wasn’t much to him. I love what you are capable of doing and I want you to continue! Love you so much!!! Grandmamma Judy

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