If You Lived When There Was Slavery in America


Today I finished a book for social studies called If You Lived When There Was Slavery in America.  It’s about how slaves lived and how white slave owners treated their slaves. 

Slaves were people who were taken from their homes to be sold as workers.   Some people didn’t think of African-Americans as people, they thought of them as things that could be bought or sold and as things that could be worked, or whipped, to death.  Slaves didn’t enjoy being slaves; they were forced to.  They worked under brutal conditions and lived hard lives.  Slave owners would normally use their slaves to do work around the house or to work on their farm or plantation.  Some people were nicer to their slaves than others. Slaves lived in the “quarters,” houses out on the slave owner’s land. 

Slaves could still have fun, but they had to make their own toys and create their own games.  The best time of the year was Christmas.  The slaves had a whole week off and time to spend with their families.  There was a popular game called “Christmas Gif’.”  The game was when you saw your friends and family on Christmas morning, you had to shout “Christmas Gif’!” The fun part was that you had to shout it first, or you had to give that person a gift.  If you said it first, that person had to give you a gift.  The gift was not big, just some nuts or tea cakes. 

This book was very interesting and it gave me a lot of information.  I don’t like slavery, but I love reading!  ❤


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