A Day Out


Today I had school outside.  We went to a park and sat at the tables next to the lake.  It was very windy and was hard to keep the papers from flying away.  We did social studies and science on the table, and we read our books out by the edge of the lake.  I was reading Journey into the Deep, and Emily was reading Chains.  In social studies we were learning about the Native American Struggle, a pocket of our History Pockets.  This is a little folder and some materials that we can use to learn about “moving west” and getting used to the new land.  In science, we were learning about the names of different groups of animals, like that the biggest group of animals is called a kingdom, and that the smallest group of animals is called a species. 

It was very nice out, and the wind was cool, so we had a calm, quiet few hours out there.  The park had roses and rosemary out next to the benches.  There were also a lot of dogs.  It was very relaxing to have school out by the lake.  Emily had to do some work around the house, and we couldn’t just let Frank sit in the bathroom all day, so we went home.  We did math and language arts at home, and I walked the dog and started blogging. 

Don’t you love the park?  ❤


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