Gold Fever!


I know Grace already blogged today, but she did such a good job writing a poem for social studies today….I just wanted to share it. 🙂  We were working on “The Gold Rush” section of our History Pockets today.  One of the assignments was an acrostic poem (the type where the first letter of each line is a letter from a relevant word or phrase).  The phrase for Grace’s poem was “GOLD FEVER.”  This is what she came up with:

Gold!  I have found gold!

Off we go to find more.

Long trips are worth it.

Days pass, yet no gold!

Finish searching, then start again.

Every second counts!

Very hard work, indeed.

Every breath hurts.

Return home, for the gold rush has ended.


I think she did a great job with the assignment. 😀


We decided to use yellow paper for everything in this pocket to represent gold. 😀

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  1. Love your poem, Sweetie! It reminds me of when John was in school. I still have many of his poems he wrote for literature! I love you very much!! Grandmamma Judy

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