Today I finished a book called Loser written by Jerry Spinelli.  This book is about a boy named Zinkoff, Donald Zinkoff. 

 Zinkoff, in some ways, is like most kids.  He loves snow days, his bike, and doing his dad’s job with him.  But he is also just the slightest bit different. Okay, a lot different.  He loves school.  He almost never gets the right answer, trips over his own feet, throws up on a daily basis, falls over laughing over a word like “jabip”, and normally shouts “YAHOO!”  Zinkoff thinks he is just as normal as all the other kids at his school; he just doesn’t know he is not.  But when one of his friends is missing, he learns that anyone can be a hero. 

I think that my friends would like this book just as much as I do, and that they would love all of the different ways Zinkoff will do things.  My favorite character in the book is Zinkoff because he cares for others more than he cares for himself.  I love reading!  ❤


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