Skills and Topics – October 24 through October 28


We have lots of stuff coming up next week that I’m super-excited about. 🙂  I think I’m looking forward to two upcoming field trips as much as Grace is….panning for gold and the Spooktacular at the science museum….how can those not be a blast???  As for the more “everyday” academics, here we go:

  • Language Arts:  Grace will begin reading Chains on Monday.  It’s a fabulous historical fiction novel about slavery just prior to and during the American Revolution.  We will also be working on determining the meaning of words from context.  The pursuit of “how to” writing continues….we start the final (“big”) paper for this unit this week.
  • Math:  Good news!  We’re seeing a lot of progress in the multiplication area!  (*insert huge, victorious hoots and hollers here*)  We will be moving on to division while keeping up a short, daily review of multiplication to reinforce skills.  We’ll also be working on some logical thinking skills through puzzle solving.
  • Social Studies:  Sadly, our “Moving West” History Pockets will be complete Monday.  Grace enjoyed them so much that I have ordered the “Civil War” History Pockets.  We will begin our study of the Civil War on Wednesday, and that will be our focus for two or three weeks.
  • Science:  We’ll be finishing up our chapter on classifying organisms (including an investigation of yeast and watermelon…promises to be quite interesting) and moving into cells and systems.  We’ll also start reading The Human Body (fun, fun!) to learn about anatomy and systems.
  • Mythology:  We’ll finish reading and discussing The Greek Gods.

I think that should keep us busy for the week. 😉

Have a great week!


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