Panning for Gold


Okay, you're just going to have to trust us on this one.....there really is a tiny flake of gold in there. Bet ya can't find it. 😉


Today I went panning for gold at the Reed Gold Mines.  We struck it rich!  Well, if you call two little flakes of gold about the size of a small mosquito “striking it rich,” then give me the check!  You pan for gold by getting a gold pan, sticking it in the mud at the bottom of a creek or the shallow part of a lake, shaking it with a little bit of water at the bottom, and looking for leftover gold at the bottom of the pan.  That wasn’t the only thing we did there.  We went on a self tour of the gold mine people used in the 1800s.  We saw quartz, a kibble, which is a huge bucket that was used to carry gold and other mined things up to the surface, things used in the actual mining, such as a pneumatic drill, and stairs, a lot of stairs.  Most of the tour was outdoors so if you ever plan to go, wear real shoes, not flip-flops or high heels or a mix of both like I did.  The trip wasn’t that long and the experience was really fun.  I loved the tour and everything else – I just liked the tour the most! ❤


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