A Tangram


Today I played with a tangram.  A tangram has two small triangles, one medium-sized triangle, two big triangles, one square, and one parallelogram.  You have to arrange the shapes into a big square.  It’s really hard!  I think it’s really fun to try to figure a tangram out.  After solving the puzzle, it’s fun to try to make different things out of the shapes – like a dog or a rocket.  I made an angel after I was done.  I didn’t really figure it out – Emily had to finish the puzzle.  We also learned about the shapes in science today, so the game was a plus to learning time.  I love tangrams!  ❤


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  1. I am learning a lot from all your hard work, Grace! Some of this is not in my vocabulary but after reading your very well described lesson for the day, then I am well informed! I am enjoying all of this so much!! Love you so much! Grandmamma Judy

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