The Goddess, Athena


Do you like mythology?   I think that it’s really interesting. I don’t believe in myths, but it’s still fun to learn about them.  Do you remember the post about Phaethon, the son of Apollo?  Well, today I’m going to blog about the book that story came from, The Greek Gods.  This book was written by Evslin, Evslin, & Hoopes.  It is about the Greek gods and some of their myths.  My favorite was the myth about Phaethon and Apollo. 

My favorite Greek goddess is Athena, the goddess of wisdom and battle.  She is an offspring of Zeus, like many gods and goddesses.  The myth in this book about her is about her encounter with Arachne, the girl who said that she could weave on a loom better than the creator of the loom, Athena herself.  Athena heard what she had said and went down to earth to challenge Arachne.  Athena won her challenge, which had been a weaving contest.   As a punishment for abusing her, Athena turned the girl into a spider.  This is why we call spiders arachnids.  

 Athena was born in a special way.  One day Zeus had a horrid headache.  He ordered that his skull must be cut open.  When it was, Athena sprung out!  She was born in armor, spear in her hand and helmet on her head.  I think that she is the most special goddess of them all.  I think that my friends would love this book with all of their heart.  They love mythology and all of the gods and goddesses!  I love mythology!  


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