Our New Microscope


Please excuse the lighting oddities....the microscope light and the flash didn't play nice. 😉


This afternoon the microscope we’ve been waiting for came in the mail. Finally we could get a good look at some really tiny things!  For science, we are going to look at some things like watermelon!  But that is for future learning. My favorite thing so far today was the paper fibers; they looked like the people who make paper just splattered the ink on the page! They looked really cool! I think that a microscope is the one thing that I was missing in my life.  It is so awesome!  Everything looks a lot bigger in the microscope.  We looked at a towel and some paper.  The towel looked like a bunch of little clouds made of little fibers.  It wasn’t that hard to put together… okay, so it was a little challenging.  Thank the gods for the internet!  http://www.youtube.com to the rescue!  The lady talking about how to put the microscope together really helped a lot!  Thank you, lady!  I love our new microscope! (I might have some energy left in my body from other events – I feel kind of hyper.)



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  1. Wonderful!!! You have a microscope!! That is one thing you really need for science. Next, I hope you may can get a telescope. Y’all have fun and keep me posted. Love you, Sweetie!!!!!!!!!!;-) I love the description of the towels and etc. Grandmamma Judy

    • We actually have two, but no good place to set them up. Too many lights in the city, and we don’t really have a clear view of the sky here… we’ll have to take one with us the next time we go camping.

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