Skills and Topics – October 31 through November 4


We have a week with no field trips on the horizon….that’s nearly unheard of for us!  Never fear, we’ll be back to gallivanting soon. 😉  So, what will we be up to?

  • Math:  We will continue our pursuits with division.  Division, oddly enough, is going much better than multiplication did.  This may be our last week of focusing on this topic.  We will also be doing an activity with tessellations.  (I’m so excited!  I love tessellations!)
  • Social Studies:  Study of the Civil War continues with history pockets, documentaries, and some nonfiction sources.  We will also be planning a Civil War-style meal that we will be preparing and eating (gulp!) the following week.  Now, if I could just find somewhere to buy rabbit or squirrel!
  • Science:  This week is all about cells and organs.  Our newly acquired microscope should help us out. 🙂  We will also be making a model arm (out of cardboard….who knew???).
  • Language Arts:  Grace will continue working with determining meaning from context.  She’ll also be revising her how-to paper (this may make it to the blog in its final form) and moving on to story writing skills.
  • We will continue reading and discussing Chains this week.  We’ll be focusing on “big picture” questions about the book toward the end of the week.  You can look forward to a book review on Wednesday or Thursday. 🙂
  • We’ve finished reading The Greek Gods.  Grace is still entranced by Greek mythology, so we will begin reading Tales of the Greek Heroes.  I may run out of resources before she runs out of enthusiasm. 😉

I’ll be posting “The Week in Pictures” later today or tomorrow, so keep an eye out….there will be some good ones. 😀  We have a science event to attend (in costume!), so pictures will wait until after that.  I’ll also be adding to the “Resources” and “Field Trip” pages in the next couple of days, so if that is of interest to you, check back soon.

Have a great week!




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