Civil War Battles


Happy Halloween!  Today was the most spooky and awesomely creepy Halloween yet!  There were no trick or treaters at our house, being on the third floor and all, but that meant that there was more candy for us!

More school related, today I studied the most popular and influential battles of the Civil War.  The one I found the most interesting of them all was the Battle of Fort Sumter, which was not meant to be a battle at all.  Major Robert Anderson called Lincoln saying that they did not have enough food at the fort.  Lincoln sent war ships filled with supplies to the fort, but the Confederacy saw the war ships and thought of it as a threat.  This battle was the first battle of the Civil War, and the Union’s first defeat.  This was the battle that sparked the other battles, really starting the Civil War.

Less school related: Was the Civil War a civil war at all?  If the South seceded from the country, then how was it known as a civil war?  A civil war is when people from the same country fight, so if the South became its own country, then it wasn’t really a civil war at all.

I love learning about the Civil War, even though it was bloody. 

Have a scary cool Halloween!  ❤

– Grace

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