Beyond Good and Evil: How to Find a Hidden Pearl


Working diligently on her "how-to" paper. Frank, the trusty canine sidekick, is sharing his thoughts too. 😉

“Safe and sound in its shell, the precious pearl is a slave of the currents.”

Bet you don’t know what that means!  It’s really a code you use in the game Beyond Good and Evil, a video game where you play as the photographer Jade, a girl who lives on the planet Hillys, a planet at war.  I’ve written a paper on how to find a pearl in this game, and it’s a hidden pearl too.  Pearls are used as black market money, so most of the pearls you’ll find are hidden, but this one is one of my favorites. 

To find this pearl you must have an Xbox360, a Beyond Good and Evil disk, and a controller.  In the game you will need your camera, the zoom on your camera, and a working hovercraft. 

If you are just starting out at the game, work on the main quest before you start trying to find this pearl.  First you need to go to Mammago Garage and fix your hovercraft.  Next, exit the store and enter the outside world.  After that, you will notice sirens and that all of the stores are closed.  There is a sea monster in Hillys!  You need to destroy the sea monster to gain entrance to the main canal.  This is where you will find the Pedestrian District.  Enter the district and look for a man wearing a blue shirt holding a box on his shoulders.  Follow him until he walks into a store and turn right. 

After that, enter the Acuda Bar and find a large shark sitting at a table with a girl. The girl is wearing red and has a number two on her shirt.  You will also notice a ticket on the table.  Stay away from them and take out your camera.  Zoom in on the code that is written on the ticket.  Memorize the code.  Walk up the stairs to the man standing behind the counter.  This man’s name is Peepers; he will become a close friend.  The door on your far left is the room that belongs to the shark.  His name is Rufus.  Enter the code and enter the room.  Empty all of the lockers.   You should find a pod or two; these give you extra hearts.   You will also find a pearl labeled “Rufus’s Booty.”  Congratulations!  You have now found a new pearl!  As mentioned before, you can use pearls to buy parts for your hover craft.

– Grace

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  1. Mammago Garage!
    You go!
    Mammago Garage!
    You go.
    Mammago Garage!
    When your car won’t go…

    Great article. How do you “rememberize” all those details?

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