Skills and Topics – November 7 through November 11


A pleasantly busy week awaits us….one field trip, an art class at an area museum, and lots of activities at home. 🙂  Here’s what we’ll be working on:

  • Math:  We’ll be moving on from division (though we’ll continue to review) and switching focus to measurement.  Ah, the fun of metric. 😉
  • Social Studies:  We will finish up our study of the Civil War and begin looking at Wild West, Great Depression, World War I type things.  A trip to a local plantation site is also in the works.
  • Science:  After having learned about cells and tissues, we will be entering the wild world of systems. 
  • Language Arts:  Grace finished up her “how to” writing unit last week, so we will be starting with story writing – lots of fun stuff with character development and plot.  We’ll continue working with context.  Grace started reading Dear Mr. Henshaw on Friday….we’ll finish that up this week and begin reading Out of the Dust.
  • Of course, we’ll continue our look at Greek mythology…we’re still reading Tales of the Greek Heroes.

Stay tuned for “The Week in Pictures” later today.  We also have a new feature to add to the blog that I’ll get started tomorrow, so be sure to check back. 🙂


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