The Latta Plantation


Emily just knows that the pig wants her to touch his snoot. 🙂

Do you ever think about how life would have been if you lived in a big house and had plenty of land that you could use, but if it was in the 1800’s?  Most likely you would have grown cotton and used slave labor to harvest it.  I visited The Latta Plantation today, so I know a little more about it.

The plantation was really interesting and there were a lot of animals.  We saw a cat, a mule, a horse, a cow, sheep, goats, chickens and roosters, and pigs.  The pigs were very cute.  One stuck his nose at us and dared us to touch him.  Emily couldn’t resist, and she reached out and touched the pig’s ear.

The thing we saw the most of was cotton.  There was cotton everywhere!  The signs said not to touch, but, like the pigs, we had to!  After the tour of the house and feeding the horse (Emily had never fed a horse before, so when the horse started to grab the food from her hand with its lips, she wasn’t prepared!) we went to the main exhibit and started to look around…finding that they had some cotton there for us to touch!  Well, all that sneakiness for nothing.  Oh well, it was still awesome!

P.S. We saw bees, but that wasn’t very exciting.


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  1. We love Latta plantation. It’s Cole’s favorite place to go.

    Did you see the beds in the house? Did you notice anything about them that’s different from your bed?

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