Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader….And Her Teacher???


Do you want to learn how to play a math game that you can play wherever there are numbers?  If you do, then read on.  First, you should know that for the version we played you need two people and a deck of cards.  Remove the kings, queens, and jacks before you play.  The rules are that you must add, subtract, multiply, or divide to get your cards to equal ten before the other person.  You must use all of your cards to win, and you can only use each one once.  The first person to get to ten wins.  Emily and I played the game, and it was awesome!  Emily got the first one, the second one was a tie, and I won the last one.  Emily won the tie breaker, but then she tried to figure mine out.  We still haven’t figured it out!  Leave a comment if you think that you have the answer.  The numbers are 7, 7, 4, and 10.  You can see the cards in the picture.  Good luck! 

Can you make them equal 10?


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    • Two other techniques, but I bet they are rule breakers

      if I can use more mathematical nonsense combine the cards to make a larger number
      7 and 10 => 710.
      ceiling function means to always round up to the next whole integer.

      ceiling(710 / 74) = ceiling (9.59) = 10

      A different version:
      sqrt = square root,
      floor function means to always round down.

      floor(10 / ((sqrt(4))%)) / 7 / 7) = floor ((10/.02)/7 /7) = floor(500 / 7 / 7) = floor(71.42,,,/7) =
      floor ( 10.204…) = 10

  1. LOVE IT !!! I’m so glad I have such smart children!!!!!! But if you would have waited another day, I’m sure I could have figured it out! 😉 Love y’all!

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