Out of the Dust


Do you like dust?  Imagine living in a world covered in it.  Everything you owned…completely covered in a thick layer of dust.  I don’t mind having to sweep up dust or to try to wipe up dust in the corners of the kitchen, but I could never live in dust as Billie Jo did in the book Out of the Dust.  This book is written by Karen Hesse.  The best part of this book is that it’s written in poems.                                                                                                                                                           

Billie Jo is a normal girl who lives in the panhandle of Oklahoma in the 1930s.  She has a father and a mother, and she is about to have a little brother.  The only thing different about how she lives is dust.  Everything is covered in it. The food, the houses, the people, and the outside world, all covered.  Billie Jo is a redheaded and long-legged girl who loves apples and playing piano.  She is her father’s girl.  She hates the dust, but has learned to live with it.  Many things happen in this book that are unfortunate for her and her family, like dust storms and wildfires.  The worst thing that happened in this book is (spoiler alert) her mother dying with the baby in her arms.  Billie Jo has to work hard with burnt up hands and a silent father, but she knows that she can.  Can’t she? Read Out of the Dust.

I thought this book was okay, but it had a lot of slow points.  It was just her day-to-day life (with some big experiences thrown in).  My friends wouldn’t like this book that much, they like slow reads that always have something going on.  Happy reading! 

-Grace ❤

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