Me As a Bobcat…Rabbits, Beware!


Photo by Calibas, Public DomainScience is my favorite subject in school, and today I went to science class.  We talked about the cycles of nature.  We did a lot of exercises that explained some of these cycles, like the food chain.  The teacher handed out cards that had either grass, a rabbit, or a bobcat on them; there was only one bobcat, a few rabbits, and a lot of grass.  Guess who got the ONLY bobcat card in the deck?  Me!  I know you’re thinking, “Oh no, Grace ate a bunch of kids that had rabbit cards,” but, sadly, I didn’t get to really eat the kids.  The teacher handed out energy which, in this case, was two packs of Smarties, to all of the grass.  They stored some in their pockets, but since plants use some of their energy to grow, they put one pack on their heads.  The rabbits got to take that pack of Smarties away from the grass and keep it for themselves.  They stored one pack and made rabbit ears with the other two.  The bobcat (ME!) got to take every rabbit’s bunny ears and store them away.  To be fair, the teacher took all but one of the ears away from the bobcat. 😦  Now everyone had one pack of Smarties to eat! 

This helped us understand how animals use energy to function in the food chain.  I love science! 

-Grace ❤

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