Skills and Topics – November 14 through November 18


It occurs to me that I forgot to put the skills and topics up over the weekend.  Oooops!  Here we go:

  • Language Arts:  We have finished our context in reading unit, so we will be starting with looking at the main idea in a reading selection.  We are still working on story writing (characters, dialogue, plot, that sort of thing).  Grace will be reading Forge, the sequel to Chains, this week.
  • Math:  Measurement is still our main focus in math.  We’ll have a closer look at the metric system and comparing units.
  • Social Studies:  Now that we’ve completed our Civil War exploration, we’ll be focusing on events between the Civil War and World War II…Wild West, Great Depression, Roaring Twenties, and, of course, World War I.
  • Science:  At home, we will continue studying organ systems.  Grace also has two science classes at local museums this week….”Cycles of Nature” and “Exotic Exosolar Planets.” 
  • Mythology:  We’ll continue reading Tales of the Greek Heroes.  Grace is loving this book!

Other than science classes, we don’t have any trips planned for this week.  Maybe a day of school outside if the weather stays nice?  We will, of course, keep you posted on what we’re up to. 😉


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