Tech City Fun


Between science class (fun), thunderstorms (scary), and traffic (frustrating), Grace and I had a very long day.  In light of that, I’ve decided to let her off the blogging hook for the day.  Instead I will post a couple of pictures from the Tech City exhibit at the Science Center.  We had so much fun playing in this exhibit that we decided to skip the planetarium show we had planned to attend.  Yep, one room of activities kept us fascinated for over 2 hours…and we’ll go back, I’m certain. 🙂

Grace using filters and bypasses to accomplish precise sorts.


 We had a great time designing “mosaics” for the middle of a town.  I love that each shape had a cost associated with it.  Grace experimented for quite a while to find a design that looked good and kept costs down. 
Grace loved using Separation Station to sort plastic balls by color, size and density.  Using the appropriate filters and bypasses was quite the challenge.
We also had lots of fun designing dams, bridges, and earthquake-safe buildings…more on that later in the week.  Be sure to check out “The Week in Pictures” and a bonus “Video of the Week” this weekend! 🙂

Math meets art meets engineering!


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